Spoken Hearts

A healer of the mind and soul, Dalcomune’s art connects the viewer through the heart first. Purpose driven and laden with intention first and foremost, her paintings communicate healing and expressive creativity. Her modality is tactile. Paintings are created with various objects such as rollers, spatulas and the artist’s hands.


"To me, everything done from the heart is art: the food we prepare to eat, the music we sing, the dances we dance and the way we live our lives. If something is not created from the heart, it feels empty, without purpose and disconnected. But when you live from it, the whole world becomes magical!"


"Most importantly, every piece I paint has an intention behind it. I begin by creating my intention for the piece, coming from my heart with love. Each painting represents someone waking up to their hearts’ desires and discovering their own intentions within. My paintings are a reminder to follow your heart and to make your whole life a work of heART! I paint so others can find happiness and inspiration in their lives through my work!"

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